Thinking That You Have Nothing To Ad?

Now here’s a metaphor that I just thought of. The metaphor of the chef. Foods exist. And everybody has the ability to eat and use the same foods that exist out there in the world to make a delicious dish.

Why is it then that using the same foods it can taste terrible and it can taste great and inventive? Is it the ovens and stoves, the pots and pans, that are special?

There are chefs out there that are pushing the boundaries of food preparation. They’re using deep-freeze methods to freeze items and are using vacuum packed boiling to cook using pressure all sorts of different tools. They use new cutting edge ways to prepare the food that are that are technologically new. These are the same foods that have been around forever.

It’s that those truly gifted chefs are connecting the dots of things that already exists in new ways and they are creating new things and new tastes with the existing foods. The foods in the dishes that are created have never existed before. And the complexities of the tastes have never been tasted before.

This is the same with any creative process. The artists takes what’s out there, the tools, the techniques and materials. They use the existing methods (existing art), and the new tools, connect the dots, and create something new.

No New Thoughts

It is said that everything’s been thought before. Every phrase has been mentioned before. There is nothing new in this world. And that’s the whole thinking behind postmodernism an appropriation. However evidence proves this thinking is not only flawed but deeply naïve.

I was surprised to find out that 10 to 25% (depending on what page you search) of all Google searches are of a term that’s never been search before. That the particular phrase of words have never been used! With billions of billions of people using Google every day, the likelihood of somebody using the same phrase is very high. However, to actually come up with the phrase that’s new you would think would be incredibly hard! I would think off the top of my head it would be a fraction of a percent. To find out that creativity, a new thought, a new phrase of words is so abundant blows my mind.

Not only does it blow my mind. But it shows me how my thinking is flawed. That postmodernism is flawed. But bringing Art into the future is about copying an appropriation and pushing that forward knowing that 10 to 25% of it will be fresh and new and something that has never existed before!

One of the big examples of 90s postmodernism was the show Love Line. Dr. Drew and Adam Corolla would take phone calls from people with sexual and love issues and they would just play mental models on them. If a girl called with a really really young girly voice they would know something stented her growth emotionally at that young age. Something traumatic and this trauma was part of their current problem that prompted the call. I listened with amazement how they could actually be right 90% of the time.

We Are All Derivative And Fresh

It taught me that people in their quest for being infinitely different and fresh are all derivative. Look at the punk rocker that wears the punk rock costume that just looks like another punk rocker. They’re not rebelling against the look of being part of a corporate sameness. They are wearing a costume that fits their tribe. Their whole costume and way of dress is the antithesis to real rebellion.

So saying to not work from the art that already exists out there and use that as a springboard to what you’re creating is kind of naïve. Be derivative. Steal. Don’t follow the rules of trying to be super creative. Look at kids. They create the world from everything and they don’t put rules on what can be used in creative process and what can’t be used in the creative process.

In creating art we must look to be growing the world of art. It is laughably simplistic to think that our art is going to be completely derivative. I don’t think it’s possible.

Yes the critic wants to group and make sure that every art piece looks the same in a particular style they say. But look at the great artist of today that break this mental model. Take a for example British artist Banksy, he will paint, do street art, do sculptures that are totally different in look and style. It’s about the message. It’s about the storyline that he wants to tell. Art is the deliverable of the story, art is the packaging, art is the creative box to be put in.

Doing your art is a gift to the world and art in general. I hope this gives you some thoughts about your photography. Play. Create. Knowing you can’t help but create something entirely new. Make new tastes from the same old food!

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