Patrick Roddie, Episode 004 Part 1 of 2

Patrick Roddie's Hips Image

Patrick Roddie Show Notes Part One. Welcome to Photographer In Focus. This weeks episode we look at the work of Patrick Roddie. Patrick Roddie is a San Francisco portrait and wedding photographer, Who is mostly known for photographing the people of Black Rock City or Burning Man. To Download or Listen to the Photographer In […]

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Episode 003 Michael Garlington, From The Belly Of The Whale To The Photo Chapel

Photo Mike's Gilded Gothic Photo Church

Welcome back to the Photographer In Focus Podcast. I’m so excited to bring these episodes each week to you guys. If you haven’t had a chance please give the first two shows a listen, with Scott London and George Post. To Download or Listen to the Photographer In Focus Podcast click on the link below: […]

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Episode 002 George P. Post, The Playa Messiah

A Burning Man Book of Photography

Today on Photographer In Focus we have George P. Post as our guest. George has photographed Burning Man for the past 23 years starting in 1991. I know no other photographer that has consecutively photographed Black Rock City year after year. George’s photographs have appeared in books, and magazines world wide, including his own book […]

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Episode 001 Scott London, Art On Fire

2011 Temple Photo by Scott London

Today on Photographer In Focus we have Scott London as our guest. Scott is a photographer that for the past decade has been documenting Burning Man. To Download or listen to the Photographer In Focus Podcast click on link below. 001 Scott London | Photographer In Focus with John David Tupper Scott’s award winning photographs […]

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7 Top Resources To Learn Photography Online

If you are new to photography or a seasoned pro we all need to keep learning this ever changing craft of photography. Here are some of the best resources to learn the craft and skills needed in photography today. Creative Live – A free online live classroom with some of the best instructors. Here the […]

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