Thinking That You Have Nothing To Ad?

Now here's a metaphor that I just thought of. The metaphor of the chef. Foods exist. And everybody has the ability to eat and use the same foods that exist out there in the world to make a delicious dish. Why is it then that using the same foods it can taste terrible and it can taste great and inventive? Is it the ovens and stoves, the pots and pans, that are special? There are chefs out Continue Reading

7 Top Resources To Learn Photography Online

If you are new to photography or a seasoned pro we all need to keep learning this ever changing craft of photography. Here are some of the best resources to learn the craft and skills needed in photography today. Creative Live - A free online live classroom with some of the best instructors. Here the photographer can learn the craft of photography as well as software and business practices. Continue Reading

The Best Fine Art Schools

If you’re passionate about art and photography you might be thinking about going to school and getting a degree in it. What is the best way to learn art in any field from photography, graphic design, music, to painting? Do I need a degree? Will an art degree help me in pursuit of being an artist? I am not alone in that in thinking that the best art degrees from the fine art schools are a Continue Reading

10 Top Photography Podcasts

One of the best way to keep up with what is happening in the world of photography is to listen to podcasts. If your not a podcast listener then I urge you to try one the next time your on a walk or a run or a trip to the gym. Just load up your smart phone podcast app and press play or download the Stitcher app and stream a couple shows. Everybody has some time when they can load up a radio show in Continue Reading