Guest List

This is a simple list of some of the top fine art photographer’s in the world. My goal in the creation of this list is to keep the vision of this podcast alive. I want to hear from the top fine art photographers from all over the world. This list is guest that I am actively pursuing to interview. I want to aim high and deliver my listeners the best fine art photography interviews from the best photographers in the industry.

If you know one of the photographers on this list, please help me connect and bring their journey to the Photographer In Focus community. Or, if you have a suggestion of a photographer that I should interview that you don’t see on the list please share it with us.

Now The List (No particular order)

  • Barbara Traub
  • Brain Taylor
  • George P. Post
  • Philippe Glade
  • John Brennan
  • John Curley
  • Karen Kuehn
  • Lauren Lemon Randolph
  • Michael Garlington
  • Patrick Roddie
  • Scott London
  • Spencer Tunick
  • Trey Ratcliff