John David Tupper is the founder and host of PhotographerInFocus, a weekly podcast that interviews inspiring and successful Fine Art Photographers. PhotographerInFocus will dive into the photographer as artist and explore the start of their journey, some key moments along the way up to current endeavors. Through these interviews we hope to make our guest the focus, to focus on their art and their photography business. I would like to also hear how each of our guest define success.

What Is my definition of Fine Art Photography?

Fine art photography is any photography, that is hung on walls of museums and galleries. Those that have done this are what I call fine art photographers. The type of photography could be any type of photography specialties, portrait, landscape, wildlife, street, journalistic, dreamy or commercial, it doesn’t matter, if it’s elevated to the walls of galleries and museums, then I’ll call it fine art.

Another part of this definition is vision and autonomy. Does the photographer have the freedom to create the work that speaks to their vision and heart? We will explore this definition as well.

Why a podcast that focuses on fine art photographers?

I think there are thousands of photographers who are looking for inspiration and stories from some of the top photographers in the industry. People want to know how the best photographers think about the changing landscape of the business of photography. As well as where these photographers find inspiration for their art.

Let’s face it the internet has transformed how we think of photography. Where we once needed to go to books, magazines, and the walls of galleries to consume great photography.

Now the internet, the great copy machine of our time, is the source of our viewing. Inspiration is found by a quick Google search or a visit to your favorite social sharing site. Never before has photography been so ubiquitous as it now and its only going to become more widespread in the future.

This digitization of the medium has touched all artist profoundly. The tools to go from obscurity in your art, to making a mark and getting exposure is free for everyone. Yet I know many photographers, (me included) who are unsure about the new terrain,  who are still getting their minds around how to react to the present.




This site is the headquarters of all updates and news about PhotographerInFocus.com. This is where to find our show notes from every podcast, each will include links and pictures of the topics discussed during the show. My guest list for photographers I would like to interview and those interviewed can be found here, Let me know if you have a suggestion.


About John David Tupper


Hi! I’m John David Tupper a photographer and artist, and PhotographerInFocus.com is my passion. For years I’ve been listening to podcast on business and photography, but none of the great business or photography podcast focused exclusively on the making art with a camera. My hope with this podcast is to inspire great photographic art.

I must admit, I was a photographer before the great digital revolution. Things like film, developer and prints are rooted in my beginnings into the photographic world. I caught the photo bug early and followed that passion from High School in Saratoga, California to College. I took every class in photography and have at least got my hands wet in just almost all the darkroom processes. I graduated with honors from The University Of California, San Jose with an Art degree in photography.

After, I worked as a photo assistant to a successful stock photographer who specialized in automobiles and animals. Throughout this time I took trips to do personal work, like driving 20 hours to photograph Monument Valley one weekend. Prior and former jobs to that also focused around photography, one hour photo lab, camera sales, custom professional lab, and later graphic designer and production artist at a digital print house.

When digital took over,  I took some classes to further my education as I believe that non of us can ever stop learning. I learned layout programs and Illustrator and brushed up on my Photoshop. (I think I have been using Adobe Photoshop since Photoshop 1991, whatever version that was.)


I am excited how powerful today’s digital cameras are and sure that past innovative photographers would have jumped in and abandoned film had the current tools been available to them. Photographers like Ansel Adams would be pushing the boundaries of the medium as that is what he did.


My idea for PhotographerInFocus podcast came to me out of my curiosity of how other photographers are looking to the future of the craft and the art of photography. We live in a time of big technological changes to the craft. How are these changes impacting the art of photography?


So many people are picking up photography and being bit by the photo bug today. They have a their own personal vision to share with the world, my hope is to help inspire photographers to create personal work and make great art.


There are many road blocks in following this path. Through interviewing successful fine art photographers we can help possibly navigate the ability to move past artistic blocks to the walls of galleries.


If you like the concept, please show your support by letting me know. I hope soon to have an email NEWSLETTER with tips and tools, look for it.


For now, I can be found on Twitter @JohnTupper. Thank you for your interest and your support in this project.

John David Tupper