10 Top Photography Podcasts

One of the best way to keep up with what is happening in the world of photography is to listen to podcasts. If your not a podcast listener then I urge you to try one the next time your on a walk or a run or a trip to the gym. Just load up your smart phone podcast app and press play or download the Stitcher app and stream a couple shows. Everybody has some time when they can load up a radio show in the topic of their choice. Try out listening next time you do yard work or go grocery shopping.

Top 5 Reasons To Listen To Podcast

  1. Free to listen
  2. Mobile, can do stuff while we learn.
  3. Topics covering things you are interested in.
  4. Best way to hear from thought leaders in every field.
  5. No pledge drives or long commercial breaks. In fact you are totally in control of how you listen.

As a photographer I listen to podcast all the time. Here are the top photographer podcasts. 

This Week In Photo



TWIP (This Week In Photography)

Hosted by Fredrick Van Johnson, this show is the pinnacle photography show, surly one of the most popular. It’s format set the standard, it talks about photography news and the latest gear as well as any little photo tidbits.

Not associated with the popular TWIT (This Week In Tech) franchise by Leo Laporte. It is a great podcast.

Each week they have a few photographers to join Fredrick with the discussion, it’s like sitting down with some of best working photographers, discussing the photo news of the day. It runs about one and a half hours and really lets you in on what topics photographers are thinking about. However, if you are not interested in listening to talk about the latest gear you might be happier with one of the other podcasts on the list.



Fro Knows Photo


Fro Know’s Photo RAWtalk

Fro Know’s Photo podcast or Raw Talk hosted by Jared Polin is kind of the shock-jock of the photography podcast world. His “I Shoot Raw” merchandise support this brand as it helps educate beginners against throwing out data by just shooting jpg. Jared sports a big afro to support the brand name and image. It’s format is very similar to TWIP in topic and discussion. Focusing on photo news of the week. Just less guest. Mostly a producer (off mic), a cohost and himself.

Jared Polin is an accomplished stage and band photographer whose work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Spin Magazine and other publications. His site discribes FroKnowsPhoto.com, as a fun and informative website for photographers that provides guidance in the art, process, equipment and experience of capturing moments in photos.

I must admit he is fun to listen to. Jared Polin has become a recognizable personality at social media business and sought after to speak and help photographers world wide.



Full Time Photographer


Full Time Photographer

Hosted by Josh Rossi, this show is the EOFire of photography shows. For those that don’t know John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast check that one out too. Josh Rossi has some great composite shots of John Dumas so it’s no secret of this influence.

Every day Josh interviews a new successful working photographer and asks questions about the business of photography today. The hustle it takes to get your work out in front of an audience and the thinking like a professional photographer. It’s a great show to learn about how photographers are navigating the changing business landscape of making a living as a photographer.

Each show is about a half hour and introduces the listener to a working photographer. You get a bit about how they think about business of making a living as a full time photographer.

It also lets people see how broad the world of photography business is from licensing stock photographer’s, to wedding, portrait, senior, humanitarian, commercial, automobile, composite,  fine art gallery photographers and a host of other ways photographers are making a full time living.

Speaking of composite photography, Josh uses is podcast as a vehicle to drive photographers to his Composite Planet Photoshop turtorials. Very nice composite work indeed! Worth checking out.



Tips From The Top Floor


TFTTF (Tips From The Top Floor)

Hosted by Chris Marquardt, this show is the longest running photography show, from 2005 till now, with over 600 episodes. Each week he will answer listeners questions and boil down a technical photography issue, as well as interview a photographer.

Recorded out of Germany, Chris is a true professional podcaster and knows how to keep listeners interest. topics range from packing your gear for Everest to getting the best focus and composition.

He does promote his up coming workshops which I’m sure are full of no holds barred informative meaty goodness.



Twit Photo (No New Shows)

Hosted by Leo Laporte and Catherine Hall, this show was a great photography show that talked to a new photographer each episode. Each show dove in deep looking at what each photographer was working on and with a video only version where you could see the work.

66 episode in all. Worth checking out. I recommend the video podcast for this one, as the show uses a lot of visuals.


Trey Ratcliff Google Hangout Podcast

Treys Variety Hour


 Trey’s Hangouts

Trey Ratcliff’s Variety Hour is a video based podcast that once lived under the TWIT franchise. However now it can be found on the Stuck in Custom’s You Tube page.

Trey is a very well known photographer who’s HDR instructional packages have made Trey one of the go to teacher’s in the online photography instruction. Each week they use Google hangouts to hangout with a bunch of photographers or image makers or thought leaders and a topic and go from there.

They introduce who each guest is at the beginning of the show talk about the topic and then bring a new photography find to finish up the show.

Shows range in time from 45 minutes to 2 hours but great guest make great thought provoking stuff to feed the mind. One of my favorite was episode 23 on Cameras of the future. On this show they asked what is a photographer? Isn’t it just a curator of ones vision? What is the photographer of the future going to look like? Are photographers going to be the ones who pick the best visual points of time from the thousands of possibilities? Will they even have cameras or will they document best moments of time from the fire hose of imagery produced but never to be consumed? Lots of interesting points.



Martin Bailey Podcast


Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

Hosted by Martin Bailey, this show is one of the longest running photography podcast with over 400 episodes. Each show ranges from just a few minutes to about an hour or so.

Weekly he will dive into a new photography related topic. Some topics are musings on art and basic fundamentals of photography. Other episodes are extensive reviews of a new book or piece of gear.

I tend to favor his interviews of other photographers and creative people in the photographic industry. Another topic is travelogues from his latest photography workshops. Martin Bailey does host workshops of considerable popularity like his Snow Monkeys and Hokkaido Tours.

Not being interested in all topics I find this podcast hit or miss. When it hits it is superb and worth the listen.





Hosted by Melissa Niu and Scott Bourne, this show is a new show that talks about photography news and the latest gear as well as any little photo tidbits.  They also interview top photographers to ask them a couple quick questions.



On Taking Pictures


On Taking Pictures

Hosted by Jeffery Saddoris and Bill Wadman weekly they take on the art, science, and philosophy of photography. This show is about the thinking about the craft of photography and not a show that talks so much about photography news and the latest gear. I find it refreshing to get into the minds of these two working photographers weekly.


Photo Biz Xposed

Photo Biz Xposed


Photo Biz Xposed

Hosted by Andrew Hellmich, this show is an interview show with some top wedding and portrait photographers on the business side of photography. Andrew himself is a wedding and portrait photographer on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia with two Studios. So give it a listen and hear from the another side of the world.




The Candid Frame


 The Candid Frame

Hosted by Ibarionex Perello the Candid Frame Photography podcast is an interview with some of the best professional and fine art photographers in the world. Ibarionex has a wonderful voice to listen to and it truly is a treat to hear what he talks with his guest. With 25 years in photography and numerous books and articles to his name this show is top notch.



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