Trey Ratcliff On Ways To Teach Art

Episode 8 – Trey Ratcliff

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Today’s guest Trey Ratcliff. He is a photographer, teacher, author, entrepreneur and social media guru. Trey puts it another way, he just makes cool stuff that people want to look at and a few people want to buy. If you read his bio online it will tell you he is “a warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys.” To most, Trey Ratcliff is a world travel photographer who was one of the first photographers using HDR photography. In fact Trey has the honor of having his image as the first HDR photographs to hang in the Smithsonian.

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Stuck In Customs

Through creating cool stuff and using a new cutting edge photo technique Trey found himself and his blog Stuck In Customs (SIC) attracting lots of people mostly travelers and other photographers.

The blog is the same name as Trey Ratcliff’s company but at first it was just a way to keep track of and share pictures of the cool sites in Trey’s travels. Trey innitionally had no plans to make his photography, his hobby, a business. Stuck in Customs was a cleverly named travel blog, clever because of the two meanings for the name. One could be literally Stuck at the customs office while coming and going to different locations around the world or they could be rigidly stuck in their own countries customs and close minded about experiencing new cultures.

Trey’s web traffic increased as more and more people got exposed to what he was doing. Every day putting a new picture on his SIC blog.

People interested in travel and cool places just wanted to look at his new work to see a new perspective on places to go. Others wanted a print of a cool photo to hang on their wall. And photographers wanted to learn the tools and techniques that Trey used to make HDR images and post processing.

Trey knew the best way to please an audience is to give them what they want. He started selling prints and licensing his work. He developed a series of videos to help educate the photographers who wanted to know more about HDR, called HDR Tutorial series. And wrote ebooks to explain other often requested information like how to use textures and HDR in your photography.

Trey made his images Creative Commons non commercial. Allowing people free use of his work. To help alleviate the pressure of people asking, who wanted to use his photography for personal use, such as pictures for a desktop on a personal computer screen or to share with friends on social media.

Due in part to Trey allowing social media use, bloggers and social media experts started seeing Trey Ratcliff’s work everywhere. When Google was looking for some early adopters for its new venture into social media, Google Plus, they asked Trey for input. As the new social platform grew Trey’s fans and followers grew too.

Now, Trey has over 8 million people following his feed (his circle) and over 50 billion page views on Google Plus.

The Interview – Photographer In Focus

Trey talks about how he became such a force in photography. In this interview you will learn:

    • Trey’s plan to conquer the world of photography, one photographer at a time.
    • How Trey created his photo empire.
    • What brought Trey to Burning Man and how it adds to his creative vision.
    • A book to read. The Name Of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.
    • We dive deep into Trey’s creative learning environment The Arcanum, The Magical Academy of Artistic Mastery.


Trey’s links:

Stuck In Customs
Trey Ratcliff’s Burning Man Images
The Arcanum


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